Pacific Mall

The Pacific Mall in Markham, a major city next to Toronto, Canada, raises a very intriguing question.  Under what circumstances has the mall become an ethnic icon that signifies the “Chinese mall” in Canada, possibly in North America?  An analysis of the intertwining relation between ethnic identity and architecture sheds light on the (re)construction and (re)interpretation of “Chineseness” in the mall.  The naming of the corridors, and the unusual small size of the shops on first floor, and the design of the Heritage Town on the second floor evoke nostalgic emotion of Hong Kong, an essentialist sentiment to many Hong Kong immigrants and stereotypical images to many non-Chinese and Chinese alike.

Leung, Ho Hon and Raymond Lau.  (2009) “Making of Pacific Mall: Chinese Identity through Architecture in Canada.” in Imagining Globalization: Language, Identities, and Boundaries, edited by Ho Hon Leung et alNew York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.

PM 10 Terracotta-s PM 9 Heritage Village-s PM 7 Hertiage Village-s PM 3 Street Name-s


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